In-Home Meals

How Does the Personal Chef Service Work?

With my food questionnaire, we’ll first prepare your prsonal “flavor profile,” a list of things you like to eat and styles of cooking you prefer. I’ll take note of any special needs you have such as a weight-loss diet or gluten sensitivity, and any foods you must have or will not eat.

Then I will create a menu for your approval. I’ll make sure it is balanced, healthy and appealing to the eye and palate. I will submit it to you before I come to cook for you, so you’ll have a chance to look at your menu and make any changes.

chef Lesa in your homeOn a day of your choosing, I’ll bring the groceries and gear to prepare your meals in your kitchen. Your food will be packaged in labeled containers, each of which has detailed instructions. They will be stored in your refrigerator or freezer. Dinner will be ready for you and your family in just a few hours. Everything is labeled for storage and the kitchen is cleaned. I’ll leave your refrigerator stocked with meals, and next week’s dinner menu waiting on the table.

I will leave you a handwritten invoice, which I will later send to  you in electronic form. I accept cash, checks and credit cards through Square. 

My hourly rate is between $60-70 per hour depending on the difficulty of the menu.

groceries not included in the price per hour.

An average cook date is between 4-7 hours.

I charge a combined state and county tax of 9.1% of the total bill.


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