What a Perky Podcast!

Karen asked me about my earliest food memory… so here it is.

Heart's Desire

Last month I did an interview with PCC's Karen Gaudette.  She is the chief author and mastermind behind PCC's Stir Fry blog. Karen asked me about my earliest food memory… so here it is.  My
husband commented that it's not even about food.  I'll let you decide.  You can listen to the podcast here.  I can only listen to it once without wanting to scream (does my voice really sound like that? I must be twelve years old!).  Above is the only photo I have of the oven in question.  This picture was taken long before I did the poor thing in.  Enjoy!

3 comments on “What a Perky Podcast!

  1. Oh my goodness! It’s so exciting to see the actual stove! Thanks so much again for joining me and being a part of the series. It was such a delight to get to know you better!

  2. Tee hee. Minnie Mouse maybe isn’t so bad. Thanks for checking out the blog! Karen, I went back home to Utah and almost knocked on the door of my old place, just to get a photo of the stove (which they kept). I lost my nerve, though. On the other hand, I had lots of great reminders of Utah’s food traditions. It was a blast! I was happy to share the memories with you-they are dear.

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