Between the GFG event and the Peak Oil party we have SOOOO much leftover food rolling around. The solution is obviously a grand cook-up.

I missed two days of blogging for NaBloPoMo.  O, Blo!

Things do blow by fast.  Last night, I attended a really awesome Artisan Cheese Class at the offices of Beecher’s Cheese.  Our USPCA chapter spent a few hours…oh, y’know, cutting the cheese.  We had a great sampler of cow, buffalo, sheep and goat cheese.  Some were fresh, some were aged, some had a washed rind and some a bloomed rind…um, I’m had pressed to say what all we had.  They were all outstanding.  Many at our table had finished gobbling up the cheese and were holding back from licking up any little cheezelets from our sample paper before the lecture was even finished.  Chef Betsy noticed that many other tables were much more restrained, much more "nibbly."  I’m trying to imagine what that’s like, but it’s hard to concentrate over the crunching noise of my Tootsie Pop. 

Between the GFG event and the Peak Oil party (where our guests joined us in celebrating the highest price of oil per barrel EVER by eating cheese and wine in devil-may-care style) we have SOOOO much leftover food rolling around.  The solution is obviously a grand cook-up.  In the next few days you’ll see me work my way through the garlic, onions, lemons, beer, wine, tapioca flour, eggs and butter.  What will it be?  First on the menu, a big-ass batch of lemon curd.  O, yum.

2 comments on “Uh-Oh.

  1. In a certain parlance, cheesy, however bloomed the rind, may invite fatigue upon the tongue.
    But, “The Pink Hobart” does invoke 40 lb. capacity, floor-to-shoulder visions of beater scraping, nearly clean fun.
    -ya becha

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