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Whew! I’ve been working.

Whew!  I’ve been working.  I’ve been putting in some hours at the Austin Cantina, learning the ins and outs of Tex-Mex.  What’s Tex-Mex?  It’s hot and goooood.  The chile has five different kinds of chilies, and no beans, fer instance.  Also, it goes well with Dos Equis and The Ballad of Poncho and Lefty.  As you can see in the background, many luchador masks (and other weirdness) abound in this tasty, funky place.Cooking082015_jfr

My personal chef business is also great, thanks to the impending cold weather.  There’s something about Fall that says: "gather warm things near, and eat all the carbs you possibly can." 

I’ve been writing lots of stuff for, which has been a blast.  I’ve also recently been published in a little Seattle food directory called Hungry? Seattle Family Edition.

Getting ready for Sustainable Ballard’s upcoming Fall Festival has been interesting, I’m a little challenged about what to serve.  Smoked Salmon with a Honey Cure is looking like the best choice, from my favorite Fish Market, Wild Salmon Seafood.  Come by the food both, say hi, and have yourself some salmon on Sunday at 1 pm.

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  1. Hey, baby! I’m glad things are going so well for you, carreer wise. Any news on the impending excitement?
    I had a brilliant idea for your blog, by the way. Answer regular people’s food/cooking questions. Like, for example, “What herbs/seasonings can be easily substituted for another?” Just basic stuff that most of us never learned at our mother’s (or, in my case, father’s) knee, because it never came up.

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