She Who Cooks With the Most Toys

The two bookshelves I’ve filled with 200-odd volumes is just the “hafta have” stuff. There are many, many more in storage.

I have an enormous collection of food-related things.   Here is a list of the things I have too many of.

  • I have absolutely tooooo many books.  The two bookshelves I’ve filled with 200-odd volumes is just the "hafta have" stuff.  There are many, many more in storage.  I just added another twenty or so, the famous Time-Life "Foods Of the World" collection.  They each have their own companion book with just the recipes, too.  So that makes…more.
  • I have over a hundred cookie cutters.  I like cookies. 
  • I have five identical Springform pans.  I like cheesecake.
  • I have seven rectangular cooling racks.  I’m sure you understand why.
  • I have eight whisks.  One is French.  One is a balloon whisk.  One is a tiny whisk with a chick and egg as a handle.  One is nonstick.  One is a very expensive whisk that I won as an employee at Williams-Sonoma.  One is just for drink making.  One is enormous, and one of them we use in the kitchen for cooking.
  • Pounds of butter.  I bought a case of butter this winter because the price was insane; like, a dollar something a pound.  How do you eat a case of butter?  One reduction at a time.
  • I have too many things to finish tonight that I have to stop making this list and get down to business.  Wanna see the list?

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