Senior Sullivan?

I’ve been going to the church of Mexican Food of late, and worshipping at the altar called Senior Moose.  The owner Kathleen swears there’s no crack cocaine in the food, but I am skeptical to say the least.  I’ve woken up with a craving to bring the dead to life.

Because the ol’ wallet is still dazed and confused from the holiday demands I’ve put on it, we’re focusing more on home cooking.  So that’s why I haven’t been into Senior Moose every day this week, okay?  Just a couplea times.  And I can quit whenever I want.

Some sperimentin’ in the kitchen last night yielded some pretty good results, and I think I’ve come up with at least ONE dish that might take its place next to Kathleen’s SEVENTY-odd others.  I would write more, but I’m busy licking the pans clean.  Check out the recipe for Smothered Enchiladas with Beef, Cheese and Pumpkin.

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  1. Hi Lisa! I found your blog through Orangette and am enjoying it much. I couldn’t resist the name – I love pink, and I spent a summer working in a camp kitchen, so Hobarts have a special place in my memory. I had to check it out.
    I made this recipe the other night – holy-cow-yum! thanks for the inspiration! I can’t eat beef, so I used pork tri-tip. it worked great.
    And the tip about shredding meat with the paddle attachment on a Hobart (or Kitchen Aid) – why oh why did I never know that before? Thank, oh thank you for telling me now – my shred-with-two-forks hands are grateful! (And my husband is especially grateful because he usually ends up with that task…)
    (I figured you meant “roasted red pepper and tomato” soup, and the pictures affirm that. Mmm.)
    I added a can of black beans to the filling and doubled the pumpkin. I didn’t end up with much sauce, though, so next time I’ll double the soup and add another can of chile verde.
    I’ve never used those kind of cheeses before, but have wanted to.
    Thanks for the great idea. I’ll definitely be making it again!
    p.s. I made the recipe into a word doc for my files – i’d be happy to email it to you if you want (you are prominently credited, of course!). I WANT to be one of those people who can cook without a recipe, but I’m not quite there yet…

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