Red Letter Days

*I now know how to use and repair a chainsaw,
lawnmower, power-washer, weed-whacker, and apple-cider
press. I’m very handy.

A missive from a friend:

I am now approaching the end of my second month here
at S&S Homestead Farm on Lopez Island.  Life has been
very busy…here’s a quick(ish) summary:

*I finally learned how to drive a stick-shift.

*I now know how to use and repair a chainsaw,
lawnmower, power-washer, weed-whacker, and apple-cider
press.  I’m very handy.

*I’m learning how to make and apply bio-dynamic
preparations.  I’m still not too sure about the HOW
and WHY of these applications, but it will come in
time (I hope).

*Loveday, our milking Jersey, is due to give birth any
moment (we are hoping she’ll keep her legs crossed
until Saturday).  In the meantime, I’ve been reading
about milk, cheese-making, pricing for cheese
equipment, and general day-dreaming about ice-cream,
panna cotta, cookies and milk, and cheese in general.

*I’m bonding with the sheep, chicken, and beef cattle
(and I suppose the farmers as well…though I don’t
scratch them under the chin...yet...).

*The CSA managers have arrived, the intern is coming
the first of April, and folks are visiting for

*I’ve been knee deep in shit (literally) making
compost piles higher than my line of sight, dug a lot
of deep holes, climbed up some really tall structures,
and jumped off some not-as-tall structures.

*I’ve planted seedlings – and guess what?  They are

*I’m giving the “island life” a try.  I wave at folks
from my car (without even thinking about it).  I’ve
been to a few potlucks, community dinners, farm
meetings, yoga classes, even a “sweat” (read:  meeting
new folks, for the first time, naked, in a sauna).

*I’m learning about budget writing and business
planning by creating two three-day workshops this
summer:  one on cheese-making, the other on
fermentation.  I will send you more information/flyers
as I put things together.  Very exciting!  And scary!
(By the way, if any of you know how to make “websites”
on the “internet” and want to “volunteer” to “teach”
me how, please let me know.)

In conclusion, everyday has been a new learning
experience for me.  Sometimes exciting, sometimes
frustrating, always interesting, and most of the time

I hope this message finds you all well, in the many
adventures in your lives!  If you ever feel the need
to be covered head-to-toe in manure, weed a garden,
collect an egg or two, or sit out by the pond, give me
a ring and arrange a time to visit!

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