Night of the…Whatever.

I am actually afraid of some things. I am afraid of flying. I used to think that was all… Until I encountered a tiny amphibian in the shower and screamed like a GIRL.

I am also now afraid of killer ocean waves, because one tried to rip my head off this morning.

One thing I do not fear is meat in a foreign country, which is apparently kinda weird. The manager at the condo here in Barra thought I was kidding when I asked for goat meat. “excuse me, but donde can I chupa una
cabre?”. What?

Honestly, I need to be more forthright about why I’m on vacation. It’s not to fall asleep in the tropicalish sun or work on my killer tan (as if); it’s to drink Coca-Cola made with cane sugar and shove many fresh tortillas in my mouth. It’s about watching my lunch arrive by boat…spiny lobster, straight on the grill with garlic and chiles.

And it’s about discovering the “Jungle by The Sea” as described in Tenessee Williams’ Night of the Iguana”, the film of which was shot very close by. Tonight in this sultry evening cool II can hear the Rum Coco calling, and am watching out for two shirtless cabana boys with maracas.

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