Is This Thing On?

Wow, it's like I've never blogged before.  Turns out you have to update and stuff.  I swear I've been doing other stuff and junk… There's this Facebook thing and it's eaten my life.  But I digress.  There's a wholebuncha stuff that's been snappening.  Highlights: going to Brasa for a FoodBuzz dinner in March and experiencing an intermezzo snowstorm… Eating St. Patty's Day Corned Beef and Cabbage… That crazy swearing in day we had (Aretha!  Stevie!!  Beyonce!!!)…  Sleeping in on Christmas Day… The Golden Globes…  Dancing at a speakeasy on New Year's Eve and eating French onion soup with my family in the morning… Wow!  Oh, but the Flickr Uploader is taking its sweet time and I need to get to bed.  Photos coming soon!

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