Good Times

For the Seattlites- I stole this recipe exactly from Thai Ginger in Mad Park. Awesome. accolades, big tip.

Since I’m too busy filing my nails or something, I am posting my friend Jon’s blog here in my stead.  Also, it’s just too good not to.

So, we have a staff meeting today and I over slept. meeting is canceled.
Notice water pouring onto the floor under the dish pit. Call roto rooter. kill
water to machine. No disher for the day.  @ 10co-worker passes me in the
hall and asked what I am making for lunch today. Turns out I have a fine dining
cooking demo at noon that no one told me about. RUN back to the walk in
screaming for my assistant. To the Walk-in. quick eye ball ingredients- it’s
gotta be asian, I have rice and chicken cooked off. start prepping veg for a
fried rice. Find some mung bean sprouts. Ok, egg foo young just got added.
hmmm, egg drop? Yup. Twenty minutes has passed. Call co-worker dictate recipes
that I am making up on the fly to her to be passed out at the demo. finish
prep. hour has passed. set up station and start making half of the food before
hand 1) to keep cooking time down 2) to see if my crazy ass made the fuck up
recipes are worth a shit. recipes work fine. clean up demo kitchen. starched
jacket, clean bistro apron, pens and thermo. hands are shaking at time of
demo. say nerves, but too much fuckin coffee. I don’t drink coffee but I
did today.
 Demo goes
great. chit chat and answer questions. just served second course rooter
arrives. drain pipe has collapsed. This building is only 18 months old. fuck. I
have about 14 bus tubs full of shit that I didn’t have time to wash this
morning and no dish washer. FUCK ME! Go back out and finish last course: yellow
curried fried rice. For the Seattlites- I stole this recipe exactly from Thai
Ginger in



. Awesome. accolades, big tip.
Rooter has rigged up some sort of $500 fix so I can use disher. Gonna hafta
jack hammer the floor and move the entire dish pit to fix the problem. Iron
pipe corroded so which one is next? clean up eat a bowl of left over rice.
delivery driver shows up to the wrong gate. His rig tripped the open sensor so
it tried to open, but it is chained shut. gate gets off of track. We had to get
six guys to lift the thing and it is still fricken heavy. While doing this the
driver stole my frakkin donut. had planned to go out with friends tonight,
might start early. One for the books


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