A-Ringy Ding-Spring!

I came across some tasty recipes in The Silver Spoon by which I was inevitably distracted. I fell into the asparagus section…

I can't help the stupid titles, it's what happens when you spend the morning watching Some Like it Hot. Anyhoo, I spent the rest of the day trying to say something interesting about millet, which is quite delicious but not terribly compelling to me just at this minute.  Things that have to be done ASAP rarely are.  Looking for millet recipes inevitably brought enormous chaos.

The Horror!

I did come across some tasty recipes in The Silver Spoon by which I was easily distracted.  I fell into the asparagus section, which reminded me of another recipe-Lydia Bastianich's Asparagus and Rice Soup.  I remembered that I had a huge clutch of asparagus in the refrigerator, and full-on task avoidance commenced.  I thought I'd change the recipe up a bit; spring onions from the garden would fill in for leeks.  I have eleventymillion chicken carcasses in the freezer, so I roasted a bunch up and put them in the pressure cooker for some stock. 

Raise the Bed

Once I got the soup underway,I plotted the rest of the meal.  This involved more spring salutations: the first greens from our cool-ass very raised bed,  and some fresh herbs I'm nursing along in planters (also a gift from other neighbors across the way).  I made a vinaigrette from some of our homemade red wine vinegar and made a simple syrup with honey and sugar infused with mint and lemon thyme.  I threw that in the freezer, popped a chicken in the oven and asked the hubbin to bring home some rose.  Cause by God, it's SPRIIIIIIINGGGG!!!

A Spring Celebration!

Okay, back to millet.  And reality.  It's pouring outside our house right now.  Sigh. 

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