Ah, Oregon

  Ah, Oregon 
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During our honeymoon visit to the Willamette Valley we biked through some gorgeous farmland.  Here we’re visiting Figment Farm, about a mile away from the Anne Amie vinyards.  The farm was vacant, though we later found its farmers at the market, selling some impossibly robust early-season greens.

Chris kindly brought his big, slow bike so I could kinda keep up with him on our outings.  But because he can, he sprinted up the hill to the vineyard while I chugged along at about 3 MPH and almost threw up at the top of the hill had there not been a happy crowd of tipplers cheering for me there.  We’d planned to check out several other vineyards, but after a flight of wines and a lunch of local cheese and hazelnuts at Anne Amie, we were pretty much done for.

Later that evening we ate a glorious dinner of local ingredients at the Bistro Maison in Macminnville.  It is true what they say about their Moule Frites, and the Confit de Canard was ridiculous.  The food was so delicious and the service so sweet,  we had no idea until it was waaaay to late that the whole staff was eying us from behind the kitchen doors, waiting for us to please finish up and roll on home…

Though we have few photos of it, the Hotel Oregon in downtown McMinnville is one of the coolest places we’ve ever slept.  It was weird, hip and totally affordable.  What’s not to like?

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