Time for Brunch

Yay!  The Austin Cantina got a great write up in the Seattle Times’ NW Source.  I love to read this kind of praise:

Welcome to Austin … Cantina, that is, where the margaritas have
attitude but the waitresses sure don’t. You’ll even get a smile from El
Jefe himself — and maybe a Texas-style amuse bouche to boot, like the
sample of jicama, radish and orange slaw handed out one night.

Praise that is much deserved, El Jefe. 

We had a great "official" first day of brunch today.  We were really on point… Great pacing, beautiful dishes, very friendly atmosphere, and cleaned plates all day!  I love brunch.  I love eggs.  If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right. 

From The (semi)Official (according to me) Gospel Brunch Song, Church by Lyle Lovett

And the preacher he stopped preaching
And a hush the church did fill
And then a great white dove from up above
Landed on the window sill

And the dove flew down beside him
And a fork appeared right in his hand
And with everybody watching
The preacher ate that bird right there and then

And now everyone got really nervous
And the preacher he did start to glow
And as we watched in disbelief
These were the words he spoke

He said now Mama’s in the kitchen
And she’s been there all day
And I know she’s cooking something good
So let’s bow our heads and pray
And he sang

To the Lord let praises be
It’s time for dinner now let’s go eat
We’ve got some beans and some good cornbread
Now listen to what the preacher said
He said to the Lord let praised be
It’s time for dinner now let’s go eat

And the moral of this story
Children it is plain but true
God knows if a preacher preaches long enough
Even he’ll get hungry too

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