Tuesday Night Pizza

Sausage PizzaPizza Blanca

Tuesday nights are all about pizza.  We’re tired and worked and schooled and sported out, so we usually do easy food.  Sometimes we go out for it, but often it’s a homemade affiar.

Despite Hillary Clinton’s tears over the stuff, pizza can be a pretty healthy and tasty meal.  If whole wheat flour is substituted for some or even all of the white stuff and the toppings are veggie-full (or you eat your pizzas the way I do, with a heap of salad greens folded up in the slice) you have a pretty balanced and filling meal.

Here is my recipe for pizza dough.  I use canned, organic fire-roasted tomatoes & smoosh them up to make a really simple sauce.  I’ll add some part skim mozzarella cheese, sliced veggies and maybe some meat or beans (sounds weird, is delicious) and call it good.

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