Tricky Fishies

Okay, on the surface this looks good… Hot young chef serves only sustainable seafood.  But hey, all the fish mentioned next are Pacific fish.  Wahoo is from Hawaii, Sablefish from the Pacific NW, and Tiger Shrimp from off the coast of Mexico.  Isn’t sustainability all about the use of local products?

A (sustainable) fish story

If it’s not good for the planet, it’s not on the menu at Washington, D.C. seafood eatery Hook.

By Marc Gunther, Fortune senior writer


YORK (Fortune) — At Hook, a Washington, D.C., seafood restaurant,
there’s no Chilean sea bass, bluefin tuna or grouper on the menu. You
can’t order asparagus in the fall, or strawberries in winter.

But would you like to try the wahoo? Or the sablefish? Or the foot-long tiger shrimp? Or the celeriac-apple slaw?

One thought on “Tricky Fishies

  1. “Sustainability” and “local” aren’t interconnected. In the case of seafood here in the mid-Atlantic area, it’s a really tough call, as the Chesapeake fishing grounds are both over-fished and polluted – not good for sustaining fish populations.
    In this case, Hook (fabulous restaurant, by the way) is going for fish that they know come from well-managed populations, regardless of the point of origin. And the owners of Hook would rather use local, sustainable fish, but it’s not in the cards just yet.

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