To Market, To Market

Please join me this Wednesday, June 6th at the Wallingford Farmers Market  for a demo! I will be cooking up something seasonal and easy. C'mon by and say hi, have a bite and meet your neighbors.


I'll be making the rounds this year, with another demo at Madrona Farmers Market on Friday, July 9th and again at Mercer Island Farmers Market on Sunday, July 29th. 

What's on the menu? Depends… I usually take a walk around, see what's fresh and then do a little shopping, a little chopping, a little cook-up and voila! It's a bit of street theatre you can eat. I promise to lay off most of my bad jokes. 

For a list of what's in season around the Sound, check out this list of resources compiled by Leslie Seaton of Fresh Picked Seattle.

Hope to see you there with your dogs, your kids, your friends, your shopping bags and your appetites!

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