The Funny Parts

"Grandma" Rose is eighty-something.  She is utterly flawless in her role as an old crank.  She works it good.  I’m pretty sure she’s always been like this, but now, she says, she can "do whatever the hell I please.  I’m a hundred and four."


Rose also has… that one disease, I forget what it’s called… Anyway, there are parts of her brain that have plaque growing on them, and she doesn’t remember everything so well.

One thing she does seem to remember is what’s funny.  That gal is hee-haaa-larious… The other day she suggested that there be a new spa in town; the Chutz Spa.  Only the nervy get in.  Oy.  Another time, Rose and my sister-in-law Vicki were heading to the doctor and Rose had forgotten why.  Vic told her it was because "her leg had gone out on her."  Rose grew stern and shook her fist.  "That cheating bastard"! she said. 

Sometimes I go over to visit and make some food with her.  We’ve had lots of great meals together, but the one she remembers (over and over) is my meatloaf.  She freakin loves the meatloaf.  That’s what she says to me: "hi, howaya, are you making meatloaf today?" or "I love you, and your meatloaf.  And you,too."  She’ll give me a sly smile on that one.

So here’s the segue already… I mean, the meatloaf.  I like to make it with buffalo meat, ’cause it’s lower in fat.  (Rose has a stunning figure, still.  And REALLY BIG GUNS!  But that’s another story…)  It also means I can call it a ridiculous name: Buffaloaf!  And Texas BBQ Buffaloaf… god knows I’ve never been to Texas.  No matter.  Please to enjoy.

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