Of Chocolate Cake and Telephone Lines

We grew up and moved. Andy had this wild and wonderful career as a scholar and mountain climber, a journalist and world traveler! I became a chef, a business owner, a stepmom and wife. There we were, having lives, which were excessively busy and way too filled with stuff to curl up in a bean bag and pick up the phone. Then Andy got very sick. Then my husband died. Then there was time to do a whole lot of things.

Summer Fruits Dessert Class!

This week I’ll be demoing three awesome dishes: Pluot Buckle with Lavender Honey Mascarpone Cream, Almond Cake with Vanilla Berry Preserves and Oh, MY! Cherry Pie with Flaky Lard Crust. You’ll even get my bonus recipes for homemade mascarpone and step-by-step instructions for canning your preserves.