Not Dead Yet!

Oh, wow! Holy crap it's been a whole four months since I gabbled away at you here. Just recently I ran into my buddy Keren Brown at the Target, where we discussed bras and blogs. She reminded me gently that my bra is a virtual calling card, and that a good-fitting blog will keep the girls standing at attention long into old age.

So hi! I have some interesting media and news to share with you. The first bit is a video of me preparing kale, onions, apples and garlic at the Fall City Farms' Harvest Celebration, sponsored by Cascade Harvest Coalition. My goodness, this video makes my blogs look huge:

What a lovely day that was: gorgeous sun, big crowds, and lots of pickin' and grinnin'.

And didn't you say you'd love to try that sauteed kale? Well now you can! Coming up this Sunday, December 5th you can see a repeat performance at Bellevue Magic Season (AKA the Group Health Ice Arena in Bellevue, WA.) We'll be celebrating King County's Green Holidays with eco-friendly giftwrapping tips, recycling activities and a fruitcake toss! WAY! So C'mon down and say "hi." As always, you can sign up for my newsletter for cool recipes, info and more random chatter by filling in the little newsletter signer-upper in the lower left-hand corner, yonder. Thankee! The blogs and I hope to see you soon.

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