New Beginnings and Last Dances

The first, best news is that my buddy Lisa Oehl is about to have a baby.  We celebrated with a shower this Friday, chomping away at gluten-free goodies and drinking mean-ass Cosmopolitans.  

Lisa, Mamma to Be!Lisa's Baby Shower Food

The next piece of news is that my favorite authority figure and twin sister from another mudda,  Melissa, is bidding adieu to the Fred Hutch on June 26th.  Who will put my flaming head out now?  I am bereft.  Melissa is hopefully still hearing the Mariachi band in her mind.  Follow the brass section, Carole Ann!

Lesa's iPhone Download 3-22 147

Isn't this economy a funny bunny?  I sure think so.  The newest news on the block is that the Blue Onion Bistro, which has served the University District some serious grub for many years now, is closing its doors.  Having only eaten there for the first time on its closing day, I can tell you that these folks have some special love in them, with the kitchen chops to back it up.  Chef/owner Roy described the clientele and the labor both as coming from "lots of places": neighbors, students, families, people living on the streets in need of a place to be.  Everyone who needs some home could find it there, and the world is just a little dimmer for its absence today.  Thanks for the twirl around the kitchen, the great conversation, and the salutary beer-in-a-coffee mug, which reminds me of "back home ta Utah" more than anything I know. 

Swingy-Dingy at BOB's Last DayThe Servants' Quarters

The last bit of news is that we're  bidding adieu to our happy little (little, little) home in Sunset Hill.  We have hope that we'll find a less-little place with just as much charm and maybe even a gas stove.  Oh, joy!  Up and away we go. 

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