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Folks are often curious about what I do, exactly, for a living.  You can see it more in detail on my website lesacooks.com, but here’s a thumbnail sketch for the clickitty-click impaired.

I gave mom and dad a service package for Christmas.  This week I visited with them and cooked a really simple, delicious menu.

In the background is two weeks’ worth of food for two people.  Half gets frozen and half is refrigerated.

On the menu:
Boeuf Bourguignon with Pappardelle Noodles
Split Pea and Ham with Skillet Cornbread
Petite Sirloin Steaks with Winter Root Mashers and Cranberry Relish
Black Bean, Kale and Yam Enchiladas with Smoky Tomato Sauce and Cotija (not pictured)
Turkey-Stuffed Carnival Squash with Pomodoro
Sides: Risotto with Rice and Peas; Roasted Winter Vegetables

This is a low fat and low sodium menu with mixed organic and non organic produce, all-natural meats and mostly whole foods (prepackaged food is organic and/or artisinal). 

The food is stored with individual labels affixed; each has the name of the dish, reheating instructions and use-by date. 

I cook in my clients’ kitchens with my own pots and pans, store their food in containers (for which there is a nominal fee), cook for approximately 6 hours and leave the kitchen spotless and stocked with wonderful food!  I also leave a printed menu for my clients to refer to.

Service Fee: $ 315
Groceries: $ 113
Total Cost: $ 428 for twenty meals. 

Disclaimer-It’s okay to sneak a glass of Monticello D’Abruzzo that goes into the beef stew, but only if you’re my mom.  Okay?

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