Join us Tonight for a Mediterranean Grill!

Pacific Culinary Studio-Everett, Washington

Mediterranean Grill – Hands On- Thank Goodness it’s Friday Night!
Friday, September 16  6:30-9:00  $55
Lesa Sullivan- Chef, / Caterer, Owner

Mediterranean Grill

Mediterranean food is all about simple, fresh ingredients and time-tested cooking methods. This class will take us on a virtual trip around the Mediterranean and a literal trip around the grill, one of the simplest and oldest cooking methods there is. We'll make Oil-dipped Bruschetta with Slow-cooked Beans and Grilled Radicchio Salad from Italy, Whole Grilled Fish with Lemon Dressing from Greece, Grilled Artichokes with Romesco Sauce from Spain, and Grilled Figs with Orange Blossom-Yogurt Dressing from Turkey.

Pacific Culinary Studio at Pacific Wine & Kitchen 6915 Evergreen Way Everett, WA 98203 (425) 353-6468 or (425) 231-1066

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