Join Me for Gardening 101!

Need to know where to start, what to grow, and what what to to do with it when those green things actually come up? Come join us in Ballard for a free, short course!

Tomorrow I'll be joining authors Bill Thorness of Cool Season Gardener, Colin McCrate of Food Grown Right, In Your Own Back Yard and Joshua McNichols of Urban Farm Handbook for a presentation on home gardening.   

Gardening 101

I'll be doing a cooking demo to give you some ideas on eating out of your home garden. I will be preparing a Massaged Chard and Barley Salad with Rhubarb Dressing before your very eyes, and serving Herbal "Sun" Tea. If I can wrestle my parsley root from its bed I will also serve a little bite of Parsley Root in Caraway Butter.

Other topics include how to start your garden and how to extending the planting season. There will be a seed exchange after the presentation. Read more about it here:  So You Want To Garden? 

At the Sunset Hill Community Association clubhouse, from 10-2. It's free, and you don't need to sign up. Just drop on by!

2 thoughts on “Join Me for Gardening 101!

  1. Lesa – Please share the Massaged Chard Salad recipe! And how to make rhubarb juice. Could you also juice rhubarb and use it raw?

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