I Know My Chicken So Well…

Chicken Lick'n

I could pick it up and kiss it. (Apologies, Dick Gregory.)

This chicken was loved up with lots of butter, lemon, shallots, garlic, thyme and white wine.  Then it got seasoned with liberal amounts of salt and pepper and tossed into an oven over some small potatoes, chopped onion, Brussels sprouts and crab apples.  Then it was roasted up for a while. (How long?  Who knows?  Long enough).

Oh!  I’ve never had crab apples before, and why not?  They’re so good like this.  They’re sweet on the outside and just a touch sour on the inside.  Very nice.  The chicken tasted like CHICKEN, for crying out loud, not cardboard.  Organic chicken, nice and yeller, is the way to go.  And the juices… oh, my!

An observation from tonight’s dinner…  When you say: "Gawd!  Brussels sprouts are just like chocolate… I can’t stop eating them!!!"  you know you’re a grown-up.


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