How Does our Garden Grow?

Honestly, I'm not sure if we're the right folks for this project.  I have a notorious black thumb, and Chris has experience growing this and that but not many, many green things at once.  We're taking a chance here, but we got some really good advice from Cindy and Dave at Dog Mountain Farm, and we've a lovely neighbor across the street who'll tell us just what the fucx we're doing wrong, any dang time, with feeling.  She was very sweet to loan us all kinds of seeds and some mega-gallon containers, too. 

Luckily we're not in a position to starve if nothing comes up.  We're two blocks away from the Greenlake PCC.  If things go boom, we'll eat okay.  At least.  But we kinda got a wild hair, and so here's the result:  Raised beds, a truckload of organic soil, a buncha seeds sitting on top of the refrigerator, and a very curious (and muddy) cat.  We'll see.  We'll see.

Gardening Gone Gaga!

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