Feels Snow Good

Yay, brunch.  We’ve finally gotten some good  business going, and today
was no exception.  Despite the fact that it was snowing, or perhaps
because of it, we had a pretty decent day.  One thing I love about days like this is how much a restaurant crew can feel like a family, and the customers seem like friends you  haven’t met yet.


Right now I just want to cuddle up to my oven and bake some cookies.  We might get around to it, but at the moment we’re going to watch some videos and eat some dinner.  And cuddle up with eachother, of course.

Riding my bike home in the snow after my shift seemed daunting, but once I was out on the street it was gorgeously serene.  So quiet I couldn’t hear my tires on the snowy street.  I can’t help but sing Christmas carols and swell up with glee… Oh, Snow!

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