Egg Hunt

Chicken of the Egg

What are those?  They look weird.

Eggs. Chicken.  Chicken eggs. 

Why do they look like that?  They’re all not the same. 

Because… They’re chickens, and some chickens are bigger than others.  And some are bluer than others.  And because some are eating flaxseed and some are eating corn and others are eating God knows what all.   Wasn’t there something you needed to do just now?

Are brown eggs better for you?

Brown things are sometimes better for you.  But not all.  That’s all I know.  Why are you still here?

The answer is: I..Didn”t…KNOW !  The shame.

So I did a little readin’ and a little ‘sploring of the Wikipediorg,
and discovered that my neighbor and Farmers Market Maven Judy Kirkhuff must has a royal flush of
yardbirds.  These eggs all look different because they come from
different kinds of chickens (though some chickens lay different colors
of eggs, depending on their mood.).  The diet doesn’t seem to affect
the color of the shell, though it does affect the color of the yolk.
My favorite are the deep yellow-almost orange kind, and I have no clue
how that happens other than some lovely chicken magic. 

Speaking of which, it’s that magic time of year when produce is in full
gale, and I’m getting my pie pants on.  But because these eggs are on
hand, I’m going to make ice cream.  Stay tuned.

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