Eat Your Pork, Hold the Fork

Pulled Pork Sliders with Crispy Kale

Sliders!  They're a beautiful thing.  They're nice and nouny-verby, doing what they say they are… Sliding right out of your hand and into your mouth, a warm and just-greasy-enough-bite of meat and bun to make you want to line them up on a plate and tip twenty of them into your gullet. 

Pork!  That's all I've got to say about that.  Okay, here's more about pork-it's easy to cook, you can make some brilliant dishes from some very inexpensive cuts, and it can be had locally/sustainably/deliciously here in the Northwest in abundance.   

I woke up this morning with a fierce yen for braised pork shoulder in BBQ sauce, so I gave in.  I also had some lacinato kale from Full Circle Farm to use up, and thought I'd take a chance on making some kale "chips" for the teenager-basically, kale leaves tossed in oil, salt and pepper and roasted until crispy, then sprinkled with vinegar.  Surprise!  He ate them and was none the wiser.

Teen Eats KALE!

With the oven still roaring,  I scraped together the last of my Stone-Buhr AP flour for some buns.  And voila!  This evening's Pork Slider Dinner was born.  Please enjoy.  Pork Sliders with Crispy Kale Chips.

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