Copper River Salmon are Coming!! Copper River Salmon are Coming!!!

Did that get your attention?  Okay, now that I have it, here is my list of demands. 

Wait, actually they're really scheduled for arrival this weekend, I'm not yanking your chain.  It does depend on how things are shaping up in Cordova, AK, but I spied the call list on the counter this morning so get your name on it while the gettin's good.  Wild Salmon's expecting a nutty weekend, so if you come in please bring me and the boys a power bar.  You can email Jon or Paula at, or call them at 206-283-3366/1-888-222-FISH.

You don't know about Copper River Salmon?  You been living under a rock?  Here, read what Mr Jon Rowley has to say about it in Gourmet magazine.  I'll wait here.

Speaking of (one of the five trillion places I) work, Wild Salmon Seafood Market gets a mention in this month's Bon Appetit magazine.  Local restaurateur, blogger and cutie-cute redhead Mollie Wizenberg (AKA Orangette) is the author.  Thanks, Mollie!

I haven't had any fresh salmon yet this season, but I did poach some fresh Wa. State Spot Prawns in garlic and ginger-infused butter (I said poached in butter, yes) and had a lovely meal of it.  Chris asked me to marry him.  Of course I said no.

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