Julie & Julia Cooking Class

Movie Night: Julie and Julia – Classic French Cooking Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 6:30 to 9:00 pm Instructor: Chef Lesa Sullivan A classic movie and classic French food — all from the movie, “Julie & Julia”. Don’t miss Lesa as she shows you how to make a traditional French dishes straight from Julia Child’s famous […]

Lentil, Mushroom and Walnut Pâté

The trick to making a meatless pâté that even ravenous meat eaters will enjoy is to use ingredients with plenty of umami, the palate-satisfying richness found in foods with lots of glutamic acid. In this recipe, the soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, lentils, walnuts and mushrooms all chime in on the umami note. For a meatless assiette de charcuterie, serve […]

New Beginnings and Last Dances

Everyone who needs some home could find it there at the Blue Onion Bistro, and the world is just a little dimmer for its absence today. Thanks for the twirl around the kitchen, the great conversation, and the salutary beer-in-a-coffee mug, which reminds me of “back home ta Utah” more than anything I know.

All Burners Firing.

Gluten Free Girl’s ChefShop book launch was great fun, despite having almost passing out from excitement. Then there was my ape sh*#t nutty first night on the line at the Cantina, which you can read about here. There were caterings to do, classes to teach and foodie events to attend.

Savory or Sweet? Oh, I don’t know…

From the Baltimore Sun, Wednesday Oct. 17th Women do dominate among pastry chefs. Eighty percent of the pastry students at CIA are women. Seventy percent of the culinary students are men. At Baltimore International College, the same is true: 71 percent of the baking and pastry students are women; 66 percent of the culinary students […]

Lesa Cooks for Gluten-Free Girl’s Book Launch!

Im pleased to announce that I will be the chef at Gluten-Free Girl’s Book Launch Party.  Click on the link below to buy tickets today.  Hope to see you all there! Gluten-Free Girl Launches Her Book in ChefShop.com’s Seattle Warehouse!Save the Date: Friday, Oct. 26. Join Shauna James Ahern and ChefShop.com for a book party […]