Sweet and Savory, Some More…

From New York Magazine, 10-21,We live in a golden age of chefs. Between your Batalis and Bouluds, your Vongerichtens and Riperts, your Masas and Morimotos, New York is bubbling over with cooking legends who not only practice world-class gastronomy but also manage to turn themselves into global gajillion-dollar megabrands. So here’s a question: Where are […]

Savory or Sweet? Oh, I don’t know…

From the Baltimore Sun, Wednesday Oct. 17th Women do dominate among pastry chefs. Eighty percent of the pastry students at CIA are women. Seventy percent of the culinary students are men. At Baltimore International College, the same is true: 71 percent of the baking and pastry students are women; 66 percent of the culinary students […]


Yesterday, I went to a book launch for local author, Ann Pancake.  She is the author of Strange as this Weather Has Been, a novel about life in rural West Virginia.  The excerpt she read was gorgeous and sad and funny-I understand it’s also a sometimes painful read about the devastating practice of "mountaintop removal" […]

Whole Hog

Last year’s Michael Pollan-John Mackay slapdown was great reading for about a week, and then Whole Foods went back to their big business as usual. Before you could say capital-driven market system, Mackay announced his intention to acquire Wild Oats.


It’s hard to imagine that a little lady with muck boots and a Radio Flyer full of milk pails was considered as dangerous as white lightning moonshiners, but there you have it.