Farmers Market Final Yee-Haw!

Hi folks, thanks for joining me on this fabulous last day of the market. Here are the recipes I prepared: End of Summer Ratatouille Serves 6 to 8 as a side dish or 4-6 as an entree Prep time: 10 minutes    Cooking time: 20 minutes 2 medium hearty, round tomatoes 2 zucchinis 1 medium red […]

A Few Notes on Pressure Cooking

Ain’t no party like a pressure cooker party! #pressurecooker #instantpot #Fagor A post shared by Lesa Sullivan-Abajian (@lesacooks) on Oct 7, 2017 at 10:13am PDT General guidelines for SPC (stovetop pressure cookers) and IP (Instant Pot, but includes all electric models): Read the manual. Read the manual. Read the manual. Every pressure cooker has its […]

Green Spring Things from

Here are two of the four dishes we will be preparing and eating in my newest class at PCC Cooks, Elegant Vegan Dining! Along with Pea Pancakes with Mint Pesto and Cashew Creme, and Steamed Artichokes with Garlicky Potato Dip, I’ll feature two more client favorites: Eggless Asparagus Quiche and Grilled Fava Beans with Sea […]