Bivalve, I Think She’s Got It!

Peeking Out

So this is a ridiculously late photo, cause the Chefs’ Collaborative Beer and Bivalves event at the Pike Brewing Co. was way last month.  But who cares?  Look at some Gooey Ducks.  And they are.  It’s pretty amazing to see these things up close, and incredibly hard not to make inappropriate comments.

Here is my list for great food songs, which I think might last a few hours.  Not enough, still, for an entire shift.  I’m working on it.  And Zach Lyons, I included Cows with Guns for you.

4 thoughts on “Bivalve, I Think She’s Got It!

  1. Now, really, if you’re going to include Cibo Matto, most of their catalogue is food songs.
    According to wikipedia “Cibo Matto is an Italian phrase that translates to “Crazy Food” and many of the tracks from Viva! La Woman, featured lyrics related to food” I especially like “White pepper ice cream” but “Le Pain Perdu” is also great.
    Did you really leave out all of Guy Clark? “Texas Cookin'”, “Homegrown Tomatoes”, and “Cold Dog Soup” .
    The Zappa discography is also a rich source, start with “St Alphonso’s Pancake Breakfast”, back up to “Lumpy Gravy”, and take off from there…
    Food and music, 2 of my favorite things. I guess you know, I could just go on and on…

  2. Oh, they are a real fright to look at. They don’t taste that bad, kinda like razor clams. There is a lot of meat on them; that’s definitely a high-yield product there. But… Y’know.

  3. ayayayyayyah, I know. I did think to include the whole CM discography, but then it seemed too easy. I like “Know Your Chicken” cause I’ve sung it to many a chicken body. I can’t believe I forgot Guy Clark though.
    “I was sittin’ on the fender of someone else’s truck, Drinking Old Crow whisky, hot 7-up. Out in the parking lot.” -Guy Clark
    I used to LOVE Hee Haw. And Chris reminded me of Zappa (duh) and I thought of Captain Beefheart. And Gang of Four’s “Cheeseburger.” There’s plenty of work to do on this list, clearly. See you tomorrow!

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