Back from the Dead!

Who knows why, but on Friday night my whole head blew up.  Two days after a wee bit o’ scratchiness, I suddenly had an fully inflamed mouth, throat and nose, making it incredibly difficult to breathe.  And ta-daaaa!  That’s how Chris and I ended up in the ER on a Friday night!  Because I couldn’t talk, I wrote to Chris on my laptop.  This is from the official transcript:

DONT EAt all the pork guys.  CHRIS CHRIS  HRIS H2O no bulbbeles thatnks it’s too hurty on my throat :0
im so HUNGRY I want to EAT waaaaaaa just broth, not to hot plz.
HUNGRY.  WEHN I FEEL BETTER I Want;phud thai, and vietnamese bbq pork sandwich, BIG PLATTER AT AWASH ethiop. with goat… can I have a soft egg?

I am beginning to believe in this power of positive thinking stuff.  I focused on getting well enough to load my face up with my favorite foods, and here I am, all better!  I would maybe wax metaphysical about all this, but I’m busy putting away second breakfast.  A Votre Sante!

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