A Time to Reflect

This time of year I like to Recherche some Temps Perdus, like most  folks will.  Looking back over the past year, there are many moments where I felt… Oh, f$*%# it, I’ve been looking for a half good reason to put up some funny pictures for about a YEAR, and I just found a brilliant one.  All of these pictures are from Celebrations Past!

These first two are from Christmases in Utah.  The b&w was taken in the Girls’ bathroom at East High School, the day of Christmas break 1986.  We are having a smoke break.  The picture was taken by Rob Magleby, the only one of us thirty-some-odd ragtags who were not tripping on acid.  Girls_bathroom

The second is a Christmas party in 1995, where my friend announced her engagement to be married and I ripped my velvet pants quite dramatically.  It had something to do with the five fingers of Wild Turkey I’ve got there in my hand. Engagement_announcement_to_alex_95

The next one is from a 1991 engagement party, for a different guy  in a different year but pretty much the same season-Xmas.  I am pretty much in the same state as I was in the previous two photos.   Engagement_announcement_to_bill_91

This last one just says 80’s to me.  I have no idea what time of year it was taken, but it’s 1987.  No, really.


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