Saving the World One Dinner at a Time

A Mixed Grill, Local Style
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There is no quick and simple answer to solving the world's problems. Thinking globally (preventing the collapse of the earth's seafood systems means busting huge corporations that illegally overfish) and acting locally (eating the small, seasonal fish in our little area: full of omega 3's, culturally relevant and o so delicious!) is one way to get things going.

Let's us (you, me, and everyone we know) start a small fish sensation. Smelt, anchovies and sardines in this part o town…carp, shrimp and whatelseyagot in other parts of our USA. Let's eat the wee things, not the big things, for at least a little bit. Let the sea refurbish, replenish, and do some housekeeping. Viva La Revolucion!! And Fish On.

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